Erika Tschirhart

Second session with Erika Tschirhart. Wearing Blackmilk Triangles and a latex top. Finally switched things up and used the chair. This was about 4.5 hours from life. Got to dial a lot more in this time but still trying to steam-line the process. Getting the face right is always the most time consuming yet imperative thing to do correctly. Luckily this one fell into place nicely, but fixing the eyes took some work. Saved the triangles for last.

Erika Tschirhart

First session with Erika Tschirhart. A very pro life-model, I highly recommend. About 4 hours in Photoshop. Painting latex is fun.

April Potts

My Buddy April Potts from life. April is a pro model and usually holds poses in front of cameras, sometimes I can get her to sit on a couch. About 3 hours in Photoshop

Mah Budd Cody Miles in Photoshop. This was 2 sessions of 2 hours but we were chatty cathys.. and Cody can’t be framed.

Concepts for ‘Under Armour. Innovation’. Directed by Andre Stringer

Concept for ‘Under Armour. Innovation’. Directed by Andre Stringer